Mass State Triathlon

Several team members recently participated in the Mass State Triathlon, and they performed and represented us very well! Among them were Justin, who placed third in the aquabike; Samuel, who placed second in his age group; and Stan, who placed second in his division! Click here for results and check out our Facebook page for more photos!

New England Season Opener

Congrats to the MIT Triathletes who participated in the Season Opener! Special kudos to Zuzka for winning the race for her division and to Stan for coming in 4th for his division as part of his first triathlon ever. Click here for full results and here for more photos.

2016 Season Opener Triathletes

USAT Winter Challenge

The National Challenge Competition is underway! Click here to access the official site and enter miles.

Tech Article

We were recently mentioned in the Tech! Click here to read it.

Fall Interest Meeting

A Fall Interest Meeting and Information Session for new and/or potential club members will be held from 6 - 7 PM in room 1-150 on Wednesday 9/16. Afterwards, there will be swim practice at the Z Center from 7 - 8, which is in turn followed by an ice cream social at Toscanini's around 8:30.

IronNerd 2015

Iron Nerd 2015

The Iron Nerd is an annual super-sprint triathlon organized by the MIT Triathlon Club for anyone in the MIT community -- whether you are a seasoned athlete trying out your first triathlon, or just looking for a fun activity on the weekend, the IronNerd is for you!

This year's event will consist of a 200m (4 pool lengths) swim, a 4.8 mile bike ride, and a 0.9 mile run. Click here for the detailed race flier including the course and transition maps.

IronNerd will take place on Sunday, October 4th from 7:30-9:30am (transition setup will start at 6:30am in the lawn outside the Z-center, and the first swim wave will go off at 7:30).

Awards Ceremony and raffle to follow!

Registration is a two step process, enter your information here and purchase a race slot here.

Officers for the 2015/2016 Season

Below are your officers for the 2015/16 season. Congratulations new officers! If you have any questions about our club and club policies, please email More season updates are to come!

President: Mitchell Hsing
Vice President: Lisa Deng
Secretary: Ben Woolston
Captain: Sam Nicaise
Sponsorship: Alex Springer
Outreach: Elizabeth Kelley
Social: Jose Alvarado
Logistics: Rebecca Hung
Clothing: Rebecca Taft
Webmaster: Michael Feffer
Iron Nerd Committee: Samuel Johns / Felix Moser / Paula Ruiz

Congrats to this Weekend's Racers!

Congrats to the whole team that competed at Buzzards Bay Sprint and Atlantic City International Triathlons Today. It was a beautiful race and MIT did really well. See here for results and a writeup

Atlantic City (Results) - Mitchell Hsing, Sam Nicaise, Alex Springer, Justing Bandoro, Lisa Deng (first triathlon!)

Buzzards Bay (Results)- José Alvarado, Justin Montgomery, Margalit Glasgow, Isabella Sanders, Jeff Moran, Michael Feffer, Sarah Whitehill, Alice Zhan, Enrique Pinuela

Fall Interest Meeting

New members, welcome to the Triathlon Club!

To find out more we invite you to come to our upcoming Info Session meeting where we will give you a brief overview of the club. Swim practice will be held after the meeting (8-9pm) and we will be getting ice cream at Toscanini's after swimming (~9pm) for an informal social/Q&A session.

When: Tuesday Sept. 16, 6:30-7:30pm

Where: 1-242

In general we host 7-10 practices/week with 3 of them coached by our coach Bill Steele. We have athletes of a all abilities so we guarantee you'll have somebody to train with.

To find out more, come to the meeting, check out this website, e-mail the officers, or just come to a practice!

Update: Slides from the meeting are available here.

IronNerd 2014

Come and experience MIT's one and only IronNerd Super Sprint Triathlon! Swim 200 meter in the Z-center pool, bike 4.8 miles through Amherst alley, and run 0.9 miles around MIT's athletic fields. The event is meant to give you a flavor of what doing a triathlon is like, and of course to have fun!

September 21st, 2014

9:30am in front of the Z Center

Awards Ceremony and raffle to follow!

For more information, visit the facebook page or registration page.

Summer-Fall 2014 Races

Dues/membership outline here

Indicate your interest for 2014 races on this spreadsheet

Spring 2014 Interest Meeting and Officers Elections

Thursday, April 24, 7-8 pm, room 4-145

- Learn about the Season Opener race, Summer racing, and the Collegiate Race Series

- Get into workouts, order clothing, meet team members

***Officer Elections***

There is a significant need for new members of the team to serve as officers for 2014-2015! These roles are a great way to give back to the club, help it grow, and have more fun with triathlon. You don't have to be a student to fill these rolls (except for Pres and Treas)

-Email Sam (snicaise) with questions, nominations or self-nominations-

President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Captain, Sponsorship, Logistics, IronNerd, Outreach, Secretary, Web/Media

Spring Social: After meeting/elections, Thursday 4/24, 8:30pm-?, Asgard Pub

Socialize, get some drinks, learn more about triathlon, go wild for spring!

Spring-Summer 2014 Announcements & Race Schedule

Quick announcements (full email here):

Dues/membership outline here

2014 Race Schedule and details here

Indicate your interest for 2014 races on this spreadsheet

Register soon for the NE Season Opener and NECTC Beanpot

Registration instructions for Season Opener

Wish good luck to the MIT triathletes preparing to compete in Collegiate Nationals in Tempe, AZ in April!

Winter workouts continue all season -- check for weekly "Workouts of the Week" emails and stay in shape with the team! Swimming indoors, running indoors and outdoors, and cycling at weekly spin class and outdoors with the MIT cycling club can help you make 2014 your best season yet.

Fall Information Meeting 2013
If you missed the info meeting, the slides are available here!
Iron Nerd 2013
2013 Results

2013 Photos

The Iron Nerd is an annual super-sprint triathlon organized by the MIT Triathlon Club for anyone in the MIT community -- whether you are a seasoned athlete trying out your first triathlon, or just looking for a fun activity on the weekend, the IronNerd is for you!

This year's event will consist of a 200yd (4 pool lengths) swim, a 4.8 mile bike ride, and a 0.9 mile run. Click here for the detailed race flier including the course and transition maps.

IronNerd will take place on Sunday, September 8th from 9:30-11:30am (transition setup will start at 8:30am in the lawn outside the Z-center, and the first swim wave will go off at 9:30).

Registration is a two step process, enter your information here and purchase a race slot here.

Contact Jen Wilson ( or Morgan Hennessy ( with questions about racing or volunteering

Transition Practice Saturday 9/7, 4-5:30 pm on the west side of Brigg's Field. All are welcomed to learn about transitions and practice them. Come with questions and get excited for Iron Nerd. Email Sam ( if you have questions.. A bike, helmet and running shoes necessary (you can borrow someone else's if you don't have one). Goggles, wetsuit, sun screen, hat, race belt and bike shoes are optional.

Summer-Fall Racing/Training 2013
See team-targeted races here.

Results (team-targeted races; for other great race results/reports, check your email!):

Buzzard's Bay 9/22 sprint (duathlon): MIT Men #1 in NECTC! Benoit Landry 59:18 (5th collegiate M), Ben Woolston 59:52 (6th), Adam Jones 1:01:02, Zack Ulissi 1:02:50, Tom O'Grady 1:04:09, Felix Moser 1:04:11 Shaena Berlin 1:06:25 (1st collegiate F), Aaron Dobson 1:07:21, Justin Bandero 1:07:37, Mitchell Hsing 1:14:29, Sarah Weir 1:16:29

Non-collegiate @ Buzzard's Bay:

Buckman Sprint 9/15 sprint:MIT Men #1 in NECTC! Zack Ulissi 1:20:39 (6 collegiate M), Ben Woolston 1:23:22, Shaena Berlin 1:27:40 (3rd collegiate F), Justin Bandero 1:39:10

Cranberry 8/24-25 sprint: [Collegiate]: Zachary Ulissi 1:15:47 (fastest overall bike split), Ben Woolston 1:16:06, Sam Nicaise 1:16:42, Mitchell Hsing 1:16:59 (11/470 swim), Shaena Berlin 1:19:21 (2nd Collegiate Female), Felix Moser 1:24:29 (11/470 run), Katie Maass 1:38:21 .[non-collegiate]: Zuzka Trnovcova 1:16:50 (1st F2529/4th overall woman/Queen of Cranberry), Andrea Love 1:20:09, Akansh Murthy 1:23:46

Olympic: [Collegiate]: Justin Bandoro 2:34:54, Tom O'Grady 2:32:01 (15/644 run), Allie Anderson 2:49:26 .[Non-collegiate]: Zuzka Trnovcova 2:19:59 (1/31 F2529), Isabel Brachman 2:29:32 (3/55 F3539), Dina Zielinski 2:41:03

Sharon: Adam Jones 1:14:25, 1/29 M3034, 6th overall. Andrea Love 1:24:06, 1/30 F3034. Rebecca Hung 1:43:49, 6/16 F2024. Olivier Paugois 1:34:08, 26/48 M4044

Mass State: Olympic: Zuzka Trnovcova 2:13:41, 2nd F2529. Sam Nicaise 2:16:58. Justin Chen 2:18:50. Samuel Johns 2:21:10. Isabel Brachmann 2:27:06. Tom O'Grady 2:28:39. Cameron Thornberry 2:29:48. Nick Sondej 2:32:18. R Colin Kennedy 2:37:35. Aaron Dobson 2:37:51. Mary Rhoads 2:43:10. Katie Maass 2:52:13. Olivier Paugois 2:53:06. Eleanor Wiseman 2:53:56, 3rd Newbie W. Morgan Hennessy 2:56:31. Andrea Love 3:02 (flatted). Becca Hung 3:03:36. Veronica Yu 3:09:39. Aquabike: Zack Ulissi 1:17:44, 1st M. Shaena Berlin 1:27:39, 1st F

Escape the Cape: Andrea Love: 3rd woman overall, Cameron Thornberry: 3/14 M2024, Antoine Ledoux: 2/30 M2529, Isabel Brachmann: 2/34 F3539, Thaddeus Fulford-Jones: 13/26 M3034, Olivier Paugois: 21/40 M4044

New England Season Opener results

Training Plan:

Hello All,

This year we are going to try to follow this training plan (also available on the resources page) which has us peaking for the collegiate racing season. There are two training groups in which you can choose to train in. The difference between the training groups is volume and speed. If you are fairly new I would highly recommend that you train in group 2 and not push to do group 1. If you are in doubt, start in group 2 and move up. The training plan is periodized in such a way to make you fast so if you push too hard in the beginning you will not be as fast in when the season starts. The groups are not specific to triathlon as a whole but to each sport, so for example if your a strong swimmer you may swim in group 1 and if your weak runner you may run in group 2 (e.g. me).

We have tentatively planed for 6 workouts a week lead by either Coach Bill or one of the captains. Each week a list of set workouts will be sent out and people can add to the workout list as they wish. We plan to implement the training plan next week starting with the swim on Tuesday.

Also you must take at least one day off from training a week. This is essential for the plan to work, in order to get fast you must REST. The the training plan has Friday set as a rest day, but if your schedules do not align with the weekly schedule this may be a makeup day. Read about The Importance of Recovery in Triathlon Training.

That's all for now. If you have any questions please ask captains Mitchell Hsing ( - swim, Adam Jones ( - run, Ben Woolston ( - bike.

New Officers 2013
Congrats to the new officers for 2013-2014!

President: Sam Nicaise

Vice President: Benoit Landry

Secretary: Ben Woolston

Treasurer: Tom O'Grady

Captains: Mitchell Hsing (swim) & Ben Woolston (cycling)

Webmaster: Shaena Berlin

Logistics: Adam Jones, Sarah Weir, & Marianna Sofman

Outreach: Morgan Hennessy & Jen Wilson

Clothing: Dina Esposito

Sponsorship: Brandon Heimer

See the contact page for contact information.

2013 Pre-Season Interest Meeting!

Pre-season interest meeting: Tuesday 4/30, 6-7 pm, Room 5-217!

Followed by: Swim practice (7:30-8:30 pm, Z-center), then Tosci's ice cream (9 pm)

Missed the meeting? See the presentation here!

Gearing up for 2013 Season!
2013 team-targeted races and the new dues structure are described here.

Indicate interest in this spreadsheet, and look for more information via email in the near future.

Also, wish good luck to the 4 athletes preparing to compete in Collegiate Nationals in April!

Season Wrap-Up
The past two years showed an enormous increase in membership and competitiveness within the club. Proof:

MIT men took 3rd place overall for the season, guaranteeing them Nationals 2013 slots!

The team placed very well in the Max Performance Series 2012 - overall results to come soon.

Look forward to more planned workouts and training plans in the near future!

Welcome to all new members! The intro meeting presentation is available here. Contact tri-exec with any questions. Happy racing!
2012 Races
The 2012 race season is in full swing! Targeted races, results, pictures, and race reports will be posted here.

Notable results (most recent at top) include:

Mightyman Olympic - Conference Championships: Benoit Landry - 2:08:25, 10/160 M, 6/60 M NECTC. Adam Jones - 2:15:50, 19/160 M. Ben Woolston - 2:16:43, 24/160. Sam Nicaise - 2:18:46. Mitchell Hsing - 2:24:34. Felix Moser - 2:27:00. Dan Weber - 2:27:26. David Learned - 2:28:45. Akansh Murthy - 2:37:03. Sarah Weir - 2:43:01. Ranbel Sun - 2:52:00. Alex Andrews - 3:01:40. Katie Maass - 3:02:19. Edrie Ortega - 3:05:55. Kasia Hayden - 3:28:50.

Buzzard's Bay Sprint: Men's Team: 1st/11 colleges. Benoit Landry - 1:06:38, 2/52 M NECTC, 3/507 overall. Zack Ulissi - 1:09:38, 1/507 on bike. Ben Woolston - 1:10:50. Sam Nicaise - 1:11:12. Adam Jones - 1:12:44. Matthew Knight - 1:12:46. Daniel Weber - 1:16:46. Zuzka Trnovcova - 1:18:24, 3 F overall. Shaena Berlin - 1:21:16, 6/42 F NECTC. David Rosen - 1:22:41. Dina Esposito - 1:22:45, 2 F2529. Akansh Murthy - 1:23:46. Alex Andrews - 1:28:50. Sarah Weir - 1:30:08. Veronica Yu - 1:30:32, 1 F19-. Katie Maass - 1:39:30. Kasia Hayden - 1:51:17.

Mainiac Sprint: Sam Nicaise - 1:06:52, 6/104 men (5 NECTC). Dan Weber: 1:10:42, 15/104 men. David Learned: 1:11:13, 17/104 men. Felix Moser: 1:12:25. Shaena Berlin: 1:14:32, 3/102 women (2 NECTC). Akansh Murthy: 1:15:35. David Rosen: 1:15:42. Alex Andrews: 1:23:08. Veronica Yu: 1:29:06. Mohammad JA Qomi: 1:29:07. Kasia Hayden: 1:43:07

Lake George Olympic: Adam Jones - 2:12:37. Sam Nicaise: 2:18:43. Matthew Knight: 2:27:30. Daniel Weber: 2:40:03. Ranbel Sun: 2:59:09. Edrie Ortega: 3:08:59. Kasia Hayden: 3:48:36

Ironman Mont-Tremblant: Adam Jones: 10:54:27. Antoine Ledoux: 11:39:03

The Sharon: Akansh Murthy: 3/12 M2024. Alex Andrews: 3/16 F2024. Isabel Brachmann: 1/25 F3034. Lily Russell: 3/25 F3034. Daniel Jang: 6/12 M2024. Becca Hung: 12/16 F2024. Noah Davidsohn: 10/19 M2529

MascomaMan Half-Ironman: Adam Jones. Zuzka Trnovcova. Krystin Kadala. All age group winners

Mass State Olympic: Zuzka Trnovcova: 3 F2529. Andrea Love: 1 F3034. Isabel Brachmann: 4 F3034. Dina Esposito, Edrie Ortega, Amah Edoh

Mooseman: 70.3: Antoine Ledoux: 5:38:47. Olympic: Zuzka Trnovcova: 1/26 F2529, 10/114 F. Dina Esposito: 2/26 F2529. Melissa Gymrek: 6 F1824.

Escape the Cape: Akansh Murthy: 9/24 M2024. Alex Andrews: 5/15 F2024.

New England Season Opener: Benoit Landry: 2nd/438 overall, 1/22 M2024. Matt Talpe: 2/22 M2024. Ben Woolston: 3/22 M2024. Sam Nicaise: 2/33 M2529. Shaena Berlin: 2/25 F2024. Isabel Brachmann: 3/25 F3034. Melissa Gymrek: 1 F2024 Duathlon. Zuzka Trnovcova: 3rd F overall duathlon.

New Officers for 2012-2013
Congratulations to the new officers! Positions are as follows:
  • President: Sam Nicaise
  • Vice-President: Ben Woolston
  • Clothing: Dina Esposito
  • Sponsorship: Brandon Heimer
  • Treasurer: Benoit Landry
  • Social/Outreach/Recruitment: Edrie Ortega & Jen Wilson
  • Logistics: Adam Jones & Ranbel Sun
  • Secretary/Webmaster: Shaena Berlin

As always, direct most questions or requests to tri-exec, and the appropriate officer will get back to you. Hope everyone is getting excited for summer racing!

If you missed out on the pre-season meeting, the presentation is available here.

IronNerd 2012
Race Results here. Pictures here.

The IronNerd is an annual super-sprint triathlon put together for anyone in the MIT community -- whether you be a seasoned athlete trying out your first triathlon, or a recreational regular person looking for a fun activity on the weekend.

This year's event will consist of a 200m (4 pool lengths) swim, a 5 mile bike ride, and a 1.5 mile run. Click here for the detailed race flier including the course and transition maps.

IronNerd will take place on Sunday, May 6th from 11am-1pm (transition setup will start at 11am in the lawn outside the Z-center, and the first swim wave will go off at 11:30).

For more information and to sign up, click here!

Spring Training
Team training will ramp up again over the next few months as 10 athletes prepare for Collegiate Nationals on April 21st, and everyone else strives to be in great shape for spring road cycling and/or early-season triathlons.

Weekly workouts (posted on the Google Calendar include the following:

  • Track workouts: Tuesday 7-8 am, indoor track, workout descriptions posted here.
  • Coached swim practices: Tuesday 7:30-8:30 pm (intervals+technique), 8:30-9:30 pm (beginner), workout descriptions posted here.
  • Indoor spinning: Wednesday 6:30-7:30 pm, Alumni/Wang spinning center
  • Friday swims: Time emailed and posted on Google Calendar weekly

If you plan a workout and want some company, always feel free to email out to the triathlon list!

USAT Winter Challenge Competition

Are you looking for some motivation to stay in shape this winter? Someone to hold you accountable or shame you into training? Feeling smug about your fantastic training ethic and looking forward to publicly flaunting it?

Introducing the USAT National Challenge Competition, a winter nationwide training log. Starting on December 1st, you will start logging your swim, bike, and run miles online (descriptions on how they are weighted on the Website). MIT Triathlon will "compete" against other teams around the country, although the competition isn't nearly as important as the team bonding and individual motivation that will hopefully be cultivated. Each month, a different sport will be "highlighted", although you will of course continue to train in all three.

Email sberlin with the following information if you are interested in participating: First & Last Name, USAT#, Age on 12/31/11, Gender

No big commitment -- athletes of any level at all welcome! You will just need to log on to the system once a week or so to type in your training miles. You also need to be an annual USAT member.

Season Wrap-Up
Exciting news:

1) MIT won the division II Max Performance series for 2011! Thanks to great turnout and some stellar races, we won a cash prize of $1000. Individual omnium awards to be announced next week.

2) We qualified for Collegiate Nationals 2012!! The men's team finished the season ranked 7th, with top 7 teams qualifying in an extremely competitive field. The women took 5th for the season, with top 6 teams qualifying.

NECTC omnium results available here

Race Reports: If you want to share any of your training or racing experiences, please write up a race report of any length and send it to sberlin so I can post it on our blog (and/or you can email it to the list). This is a fun way to recap a season or race for athletes at any level.

Pictures: If you took photographs at any of the races and want them to be accessible, either upload them to our team's Picasa yourself by emailing sberlin for the username and password, or email them to sberlin and I will post them.

End of Season Kona Party: In celebration/lamentation/relief of the season being over (and qualifying for Nationals!) and well as the Ironman World Championships, come to our end-of season Hawaiian-themed party on Saturday, 10/8 starting at 6pm. Email snicaise for details & directions.

Big thanks and congrats to everyone who raced; the team continues to improve in strength and numbers, and it really showed in this season's results. Hope to continue seeing you all at swim/track practices and rides!

NECTC Season
The collegiate season is upon us! In the NECTC, we are competing with other collegiate teams for the overall Omnium, as well as a spot at USAT Nationals in 2012 (top 7 male and top 6 female teams in the conference). This means that we need a strong showing at each race.

Cranberry Trifest: 8/28, day trip - CANCELED due to Hurricane Irene

Lake George Olympic: 9/3. Results & Highlights: Sam Nicaise: 2:25:36, 6:44/mile run. Zack Ulissi: 2:30:39, 3/60 NECTC bike. Shaena Berlin: 2:39:44, 3rd female NECTC, 10/205 women bike. Caroline Lowenthal: 3:06:13, 3rd NECTC female swim.

Buckman Sprint: Canceled

Westchester Olympic: 9/25. Results & Highlights: Adam Jones: 2:13:11, 20/1009 overall. Sam Nicaise: 2:21:02. Shaena Berlin: 2:39:40. Noah Davidsohn: 2:48:07.

Mightyman Sprint Conference CHAMPIONSHIPS, double points: 10/1. Results & Highlights: Adam Jones, 1:01:06. Benoit Landry, 1:01:48. Samuel Shaner, 1:02:54. Ben Woolston, 1:03:35. Matt Knight, 1:04:02. Michael Frankovich, 1:04:36. Sam Nicaise, 1:05:37. Brandon Heimer, 1:08:23 (including asthma attack). Leslie Lupien, 1:10:12 (Dartmouth student but MIT at heart). Shaena Berlin, 1:13:29. Noah Davidsohn, 1:20:27 (also asthma attack). Lucy Aguirre, 1:23:08. Edrie Ortega, 1:24:15. Heather Hunt, 1:27:39. Diana Siegel, 1:48:01 (might have even won overall women if not for severe bike problems)

In addition, in the Max Performance race series, we are competing against other collegiate teams for a $1000 end-of-the-year prize (we have done really well this year, and are likely on pace to win!).

*As a reminder, if you are competing in and plan on being reimbursed for fall races starting August 28, the next year of MIT Triathlon Club dues are necessary. In order to be reimbursed, you must be an MIT affiliate (NECTC and MaxP), but also a full-time graduate or undergraduate student for NECTC. Dues for a full year of races will be $100 as they were last year. These can be paid as a check to the treasurer, or any officer. These are necessarily due before you can be reimbursed for a race, but more easily paid as soon as possible. If you have questions, please email snicaise to discuss.

Summer Races
The summer race season has begun! Targeted races, results, pictures, and race reports will be posted here.

Notable results (most recent at top) include:

Buzzard's Bay Sprint: Zack Ulissi: 1:12:21, 2/17 M2024. Ben Woolston: 1:13:03, 3/17 M2024. Michael Frankovich: 1:11:03, 18/505. Ari Smith: 1:19:11, 5/204 women, 2/13 F2024. Shaena Berlin: 1:19:31, 6/204 women, 3/13 F2024.

Mayflower Sprint: Samuel Gosselin: 27/352. Loic Legarec: 138/352, first tri ever.

Age Group Nationals Olympic: Matthieu Talpe: 2:14:47, 349/1648 overall. Zuzka Trnovcova: 2:41:33, 398/664 women. Leslie Lupien: 2:36:45, 331/664 women

Mascomaman Half Iron: Sam Nicaise: 5:45, 2nd M25-, 15/51 overall. Shaena Berlin: 6:03, 1st F25-, 2nd female on bike (3:03)

Timberman 70.3: Dina Esposito: 6:01:21, 18/69 F2529, 175/490 women

The Sharon Sprint: Sam Nicaise: 30/510, 1:23:31, 1/25 in M2529. Juls Andren: 152/510, 1:36:46, 1/24 in F2024. First triathlon ever for Becca Hung, Ana Ruelas, Mary Knapp.

Mass State Olympic: Matthieu Talpe: 2:11:01, 4th overall/376, 1/18 in M2024. Katie Quinn: 2:14:44, 10/376 overall, 1st overall female. John Rhoden: Fastest bike (1:01:29). Adam Bry: 2nd bike (1:02:04).

Mass State Sprint: Leslie Lupien: 1:11:39, 25/273 overall, 1/14 in F2024. Ben Landry: 1:04:48, 5/273 overall.

Mooseman 70.3: Katie Quinn: 4:59:10, 70.3 World Championship qualifier, 100th overall, 1/9 in W18-24 (by over 30 minutes). Zuzka Trnovcova: 5:55:39, 12/47 in W25-29. Piotr Fidkowski: 5:11:18, 7/33 in M18-24. Antoine Ledoux: 6:06:35, 17/33 in M18-24

Mooseman Olympic: Diana Siegel: 1/33 in F25-29, 2:36:59. Sebastian Gauthier-Perron: 3/20 in M25-29, 2:39:52. Dina Esposito: 3/33 in F25-29, 2:51:21

Escape the Cape: Leslie Lupien: 54th overall, 1/21 in F20-24. Kris Johnson: 64th, 2/52 in F25-29. Mary Rhoads: 112th overall, 4/52 in F25-29

New England Season Opener: Michael Swanwick: 5th overall, 1st in age group, 56:41. Ben Landry: 15th overall, 3rd in age group, 59:26. Shaena Berlin: 9th female, 1st in age group, 1:07:01. Mary Rhoads: 3rd in age group, 1:11:56

Iron Nerd 2011
Congratulations to all of the Iron Nerd super-sprint triathlon participants! Results are available here, and photos are posted here

If any of you enjoyed the event and are interested in training for more triathlons with the team, join our mailing list or show up to any practice (see calendar) with a completed club sports waiver. Beginners are welcome!

New Officers for 2011-2012
Congratulations to the new officers! Positions are as follows:
  • President: Shaena Berlin
  • Vice-President: Matthieu Talpe
  • Clothing: Kris Johnson & Becca Jackson
  • Sponsorship: Brandon Heimer
  • Treasurer: Sam Nicaise
  • Social/Outreach/Recruitment: Juls Andren
  • Logistics: Lucy Aguirre Kohnen
  • Secretary: Scott Landers

As always, direct most questions or requests to tri-exec, and the appropriate officer will get back to you. Hope everyone is getting excited for summer racing!

Collegiate Nationals 2011
13 triathletes from MIT traveled to Tuscaloosa, AL to compete in an Olympic-distance race against the top collegiate athletes in the nation. They battled through heat and humidity to take 29th place for women and 60th for men, along with some impressive individual results. For pictures, results, and race reports, see this page.
Gearing up for the Spring Season
Training is becoming more organized as the triathlon season approaches. There are now weekly swim, bike and run workouts posted on the Google Calendar, as well as emailed out to the triathlon email list; feel free to post a workout to the team if you want company!

Nationals is coming up soon, and we have a full contingent of 5 women and 10 men racing, so wish them luck!

Collegiate Nationals 2011!
It's that time of the year! USAT has finally announced the date of the 2011 Collegiate Nationals Championship. It will be held in Tuscaloosa, AL, on Saturday, April 9th, 2011. MIT triathletes competed at Nationals for the first time 3 years ago, and since then, the team has become bigger, faster, stronger every year.

Now, about YOU? Do you want to be part of Nationals 2011? Would you be interested in competing?

If so, email Matthieu at He will send out more details later, but feel free to email now with questions about Nationals, training for Nationals, logistics, etc.

Winter Nordic/Dryland Workouts
Are you interested in competing in a winter triathlon and/or learning how to nordic (cross-country) ski? If so, join Mary for some "dryland" training each Friday morning (see team Google Calendar or email Mary at for more details).

Nordic is one of the best full-body endurance sports around, an excellent complement to triathlon. Since Boston isn't exactly an ideal place to do a lot of consistent on-the-snow training, we plan to lead strength circuits (arms, core, plyometrics) and teach basic skate-skiing technique, and sometime this winter head over to the Weston Ski Track to ski for real! If you really enjoy it, there are full-time instructors and lessons available at Weston.

Hope to see some of you on Fridays!

Congratulations on a Great Season!
Great job in the NECTC and Max Performance race series, triathletes! MIT took 5th place out of 14 teams in the NECTC this fall, with Katie Quinn ranked as the overall female collegiate season-winner. We also WON the Max Performance series for the season. Keep up the good work! Results from the NECTC races and point series are available here, while the rest of the race info can be found on our races page.

Training will continue throughout the fall, winter, and spring, so stay tuned for more workouts if you feel a compulsive need to stay in great shape :)

First Club Meeting of the Year
Welcome to all new members! Slides from the beginning-of-season meeting (PDF) are available here.

If you plan to join us for workouts or races, please print and sign the club sports waiver, available here. All members must turn in a waiver for the new season, even if you raced with us last year! Bring it to a swim practice or give it to one of the officers.

If you have any questions that aren't answered on our website, feel free to email our officers at tri-exec.

NECTC Season 2010!
The Northeastern Collegiate Triathlon Conference (NECTC) race season has begun!

To see which races we are targeting and view results/photos/race reports afterwards, click here.

After you sign up for races, enter your information on this Google Spreadsheet so we can coordinate the logistics.

Summer Racing
MIT athletes have been competing in many summer races, in New England or wherever they happen to be over the summer. For results and pictures of team-targeted races, click here. Also, check out our blog here.
MIT Newbies and Veterans Race at Opener
MIT brought 16 athletes to compete in the New England Season Opener, a sprint triathlon held in Hopkinton State Park, MA. Despite water rough enough to capsize the police boat, everyone did great, with the women taking 5th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 13th/66 (and several winning their age groups), and several men winning their age groups and the Newbie category! Pics Results
MIT Students Rock the Iron Nerd
Over 60 MIT students participated in the Iron Nerd, a super sprint triathlon put on annually by the MIT Triathlon Club and the UA Committee on Student Life. The race consisted of a 200 yard swim, a 5.3 mile bike, and a 1.5 mile run. Pictures Results
Team Races Fast at Nationals!
MIT students raced through extreme wind and rain to take 13th place in the nation out of 50 womens teams, and 50th out of 70 mens teams. For detailed race reports, read here. Pictures Results
Nationals Team Finalized!
Ten MIT students will be competing at the National Collegiate Triathlon this year. The race will be held on April 17th in Lubbock, TX. Compeditors include Shaena Berlin, Zuzana Trnovcova, Chris Carper, Matthieu Talpe, Kristin Schleicher, Brad Larsen, Senovio Shish, Scott Landers, Lauren Kazmierski, and Ariadne Smith.
Couch to Sprint: How to train for your first sprint triathlon
The MIT Triathlon Club is making the New England Season Opener our first club race of the season! The race is less than an hour away from Boston and is great for first-timers. Racing members(see F.A.Q), will have the registration fee reimbursed and will be provided with free transportation! See who is signed up here.
The Couch-to-Sprint training plan is available to download here.
A read-me full of information about how to train for your first tri is available here.
First Team Meeting of the Year
If you missed the first team meeting, don't worry. Feel free to email To reduce spam, you must have javascript enabled and request any info, or show up with a signed waiver to Monday night swim practice or to Tuesday or Thursday night spinning sessions get to know the team!
The powerpoint that was presented at the meeting is available here.


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