“Anybody can swim. Any swimmer can swim better.” Coach Bill Steele (USA Triathlon Level 2 Coach, American Swim Coach Association, Heart Zones Coach, FMS [Functional Movement Screen] Specialist) offers a variety of swimming technique and open water programs. He volunteers his time to give professional guidance to MIT triathletes and hosts weekly workouts.

“MIT students ‘work hard and play hard.’ The Student Activities Office (SAO) is dedicated to supporting, engaging and empowering our talented, active, and diverse students as they find their voice and community at MIT.”

“Club Sports have a proud tradition at MIT. Many clubs have offered decades of service to both graduate and undergraduate students, while new and unique clubs can be formed to reflect the interests of the MIT community.” MIT CSC offers MIT Triathlon generous support and is the entity that makes much of our racing and traveling possible.

“Dr. Laura F. Jacobs, a rehabilitation physician and Ph.D. bioengineer, founded NormaTec after seeing an extraordinary need for effective treatment modalities for patients with circulation compromised by disease, surgery, radiation treatment and trauma. As a physician, she wanted the best care for her patients; as an engineer, she determined that the existing compression devices on the market were insufficient to meet that need. To solve this problem, Dr. Jacobs developed and patented the NormaTec PCD (Pneumatic Compression Device) and its unique massage pattern, Sequential Pulse Technology. The NormaTec PCD was engineered to effectively treat chronic wounds, breast cancer lymphedema, circulatory complications from diabetes, and other serious medical conditions.

In 2007, top professional and college teams and athletes began utilizing NormaTec technology to optimize their recovery and performance; the results were simply outstanding. Today, daily users include members of elite NCAA programs; the majority of NFL, NBA and NHL teams; the US Navy SEALs; and the US Olympic Committee. In addition, the world’s best triathletes, cyclists and runners train harder, recover faster and perform better with their NormaTec Recovery Systems.”

“Science in Motion.” Newton Running supplies MIT triathletes with discounts on their innovative, science-inspired running shoes.

“Since launching in 2013, our patented and award-winning products have been worn on the backs of multiple world champions, and thousands of athletes who have redefined what is possible in their own lives. Titles have been won, records broken.” ROKA offers MIT triathletes significant discounts on a variety of triathlon gear including wetsuits, goggles, and running and cycling apparel.

“Rudy Project was founded in Treviso in 1985 and is one of the leading companies in the sporting and optical sector designing and producing technical sunglasses, goggles and accessories for sports.” Rudy Project offers MIT triathletes a substantial product discount.

“GU makes sure you can focus on training and reaching your goals in upcoming races. Breathe easy and leave your gels in the hands of the energy food experts at GU. Just suck down a packet of your favorite flavor and go (big)!” GU offers MIT triathletes discounted bulk and variety packs of its gel products.

“Looking for a plant-based fuel that will supercharge your workouts, runs or athletic performance? Want something fast, easy and healthy enough that even kids can take it? Increased endurance, mental alertness and energy are just a few of the many benefits you can expect when taking ENERGYbits before work, work outs or have no time to cook. This high protein snack even stops hunger, cravings and the need for caffeine.”