In order to receive race reimbursements efficiently, please follow the following steps depending on the type of reimbursement:

First, make sure you have set Wanyi Xiao ( up as your Concur expense delegate first, following the instructions here:

To make it easier for all of us to get reimbursements for race expenses done smoothly, I’ve updated the procedure slightly. If you are a racing member, you can follow the (one-step) policy below to request reimbursements for expenses (if you are not a racing member and want to be, let me know!)


Fill out this Google form. That’s it! Make sure you include all required documentation of the expense, including a bank/credit card statement if the receipt doesn’t have the last four digits of your card number.

Note that I ask for MIT affiliation – as long as you’re a dues-paying racing member, this doesn’t affect your ability to request reimbursement; it’s just that one of our accounts can only be used to reimburse students.

For TRAVEL costs (e.g. car rental, mileage on personal vehicle, gas):

Fill out THIS Google form. Tada! Same goes with receipts/credit card statements as above. And please combine all documentation into one file, with receipts/statements adjacent to each other.
If you don’t know how to merge multiple PDF’s into one file, here are instructions for Mac, here for Windows (needs Acrobat), or here‘s a tool for doing it online.