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Current Members:
An updated list of all our current members, including dues status and whether we have a Club Sports Waiver on file can be found here. If you believe there is an error, please contact the secretary (Michael Feffer -
Membership Information (May 2017-May 2018):
Non-racing members: $30. We ask that if you are regularly attending workouts that you please pay this level of dues to help support the club's costs and growth, even if you will not be racing often with the club. This level of membership gives access to renting club equipment and all sponsorship deals the club has (e.g. Xterra wetsuits, ROKA discounts, etc.), and undergrads with this membership additionally receive one free race and a USAT membership. To race more than that, undergrads will need to pay the next tier of dues.
MIT Student Racing members: $140. This membership level provides the same benefits as above, and in addition allows you to race at any number of the season's targeted (club-sponsored) races at the team's expense including registration and logistics (unless a particular race has to be capped). Moreover, undergraduate racing members receive one free race and a USAT membership as part of this membership. Dues cover one entire season of racing (i.e. May 1st, 2017 - May 1st, 2018), and must be paid before your first race.
MIT-Affiliate (Faculty, Staff, DAPER member) Racing members: $140. This membership level is appropriate for non-student MIT-Affiliates, provides the same benefits as club membership, and in addition allows you to race at any number of the club-sponsored races targeted this season and the club will cover 75% of the race fee (unless a particular race has to be capped). Travel for these races will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Dues cover one entire season of racing (i.e. May 1st, 2017 - May 1st, 2018), and must be paid before your first race.
Non-MIT Affiliates are not eligible for reimbursement for race costs and logistics, but are welcome to join as a club member and pay their own way for races, while still being part of the MIT team!
How to Submit Dues:
Write a check of the appropriate amount to "MIT Triathlon Club." You may give this check to any officer at a practice or follow the directions below to send the check via interdepartmental mail to the treasurer:

1. Put your check in an envelope
2. On the outside of the envelope, write "Mo Chen, 26-317"
3. No stamp is needed! Drop this off in any interdepartmental mailbox or if you walk by an office in MIT, you can usually ask them to include this in their outgoing mail.
Processing Reimbursements:
In order to receive race reimbursements efficiently, please follow the following steps depending on the type of reimbursement:

For race registration fees and club general expenses: Send a scan of the receipts for which you seek reimbursement AND to give the original (if you have them) to Mo Chen. The receipts MUST show the last 4 digits of the credit card you used. If the receipt or the payment confirmation does not, please send me, in addition, a screenshot of the transaction details (that can be obtained from your online bank activity detail). In general, you will be given two weeks to request reimbursements and send us your receipts.

For travel fees (car, plane tickets, hotels, etc.):
The club also reimburses travel expenses related to club-funded races. These are processed through Concur. In order for the treasurers to be able to process your reimbursement, you first need to add Mo Chen as an expense delegate on Concur. See here for more details. The club also needs the receipts attached when you send reimbursement requests. For those of you who used their personal cars for a club-funded race, a fixed amount per mile is reimbursed, so please send the exact itinerary you drove for the race (plotted on Google Maps). In case you have big expenses to make (plane tickets for instance), please contact Mo directly as the club can pay directly so that you don't have to bring the money upfront.


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